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7 techniques Stop Harassing collector calls book

Stop Collector Calls

My name is Jeremy Maher and I wrote this guide that reveals the 7 Simple Techniques to Immediately Stop Harassing Collector Calls at Your Work, Home and Cellphone… Guaranteed.

It eliminates the stress creditor calls and collection letters inflict on you every day.

This easy to follow guide is created from my years of experience and insight as a manager of one of the largest debt settlement companies, along with owning my own credit repair company, having a degree in finance and helping thousands of clients. You can learn more and purchase the book here.

eliminate and pay off your unsecured debt

Eliminate Your Debt

My team and I were going to create a course to show people the insider ways to eliminate their debt. When I started some initial research, I found a company that would be a competitor and realized they had a great solution.

So instead of recreating the wheel, I refer all of my clients to them. Their name Is What Lies In Your Debt and they show Americans all the different ways to get out of debt. Most people don’t know that you can negotiate your debts for less than half of what you owe.

If you have debt, you definitely want to check them out HERE.

improve my credit score and report with credit repair doctor

Improve Your Credit

No matter how damaged your credit score may be, there are techniques to boost them.

I’ve created a simple step-by step plan to improve your credit so you can buy the home, car or other items you need. It is called The Credit Repair Doctor and it comes with our 5 simple steps guide, videos, progress tracker, advanced manual and 40+ dispute letter templates.

Increasing your credit score is going to reduce your financial stress too!


Becky BlantonJournalist & TED Global Speaker

It has been the only product I have seen, used and reviewed that I can recommend. Not only do you get ten times the amount of information you'd expect, it's all easy to understand and follow.

Austin P.Detroit, MI

Here's the deal, I think there's a lot of information (and misinformation for that matter) surrounding credit and collections and creditors. Where the author differentiates himself as an expert is in the details. I especially appreciated the script in the second tip. I wrote it down and stuck it in my wallet and read it word for word when a medical collector called. I haven't heard from the collector since (and trust me they were relentless). This book is incredibly concise, easy to follow, and most importantly easy to implement. A+ and thank you for helping me not have a panic attack everytime my phone rings.

Bob PoolePhiladelphia, PA

This is a simple,  yet very effective way to repair and keep your credit score where you need to have it to enjoy the best interest rates on any major purchases. Mr. Maher has worn the shoes of someone who needed help with their credit rating and he spent many years teaching others how to fix their own. With this book, he is now offering what seems to be the perfect, cost-effective way to use self-service to find out what goes on behind the curtains of the credit reporting industry and fix the problems now with minimum hassle and exceptional results.

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