Improve Your Credit Score To Reduce Your Stress and Get The Things You’ve Been Needing

Get the car, apartment, home & items you want while also
eliminating your financial stress by improving your credit


The most valuable video you’ve ever seen on how to improve your credit score is below

Before you get there, you should see a few highlights that are covered in the video…

When Your Credit Is Damaged, Your Credit File is Angry

how to fix your credit score when its angry

An Angry Credit File Creates Serious Roadblocks in Your Life


credit Roadblocks



Your Credit File Follows You Around Everywhere:

It follows you when you go to…

Your credit follows you everywhere



We help you remove the roadblocks with 2 main strategies:

Strategy #1: Remove the bad items that are bringing down your credit file

We give you the bat to BEAT the bad items out of your credit report*

Fix my credit score bat!

This Bat is the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Improve your credit with the FCRA

Better known as the FCRA, this law gives you several ways to PERMANENTLY DELETE or CHANGE items in your credit file


Strategy #2: Add positive balloons to your credit file to lift up your score

You’ll get our secret techniques that build balloons to your credit file & lift up your credit

build and fix my credit

Just one of our techniques could increase your credit score 30, 60, or even 100 points

Build and increase your credit score





Improving Your Credit Will Reduce Your Financial Stress

When you have an angry credit file, it’s like you’re carrying those weights on your back every day of your life. We’ll show you how to remove those weights.

Angry Credit FileWeighed down by damaged credit

You Can Also Save Thousands of Dollars

Here’s an example of how much money you could save just from a lower interest rate on a car:

fix your credit for car loan savings


And that savings is just from one car loan…

What other credit card balances or loans do you have that you could save money on?

savings if you raise your credit score


You’ll be walked through each of our 5 simple steps as if there’s a credit repair expert sitting right there with you:

5 easy do it yourself credit repair steps

Access Your Credit Report
We give you the one government approved source where you can get your 3 credit reports for free, without a membership or credit card needed.  You’ll watch a video of us accessing a credit report from that website and we walk you through how to get yours.

Review Your Credit Report
You’ll watch a second video of an employee reviewing their own credit report to show you exactly what each item is and they explain what to look for on your report.

Attack The Most Damaging Items First
You get our exclusive list that shows which items hurt your credit score the most and which ones to attack first. Then you’ll be able to immediately attack the items that can boost your credit file and raise your credit scores the most.

Write and Send Your Disputes
We have over 40 dispute letters that show you exactly what to write and how to customize it to your situation, putting you at ease that a mistake will not be made.  Here’s what that means:  You’ll know how to maximize your time by effectively combining several credit disputes into one letter to lift your credit score as fast as possible.

Relax and Await a Response from the Credit Bureaus
In this step you get to relax while you await a response from the credit bureaus.  Once you hear back from them, our course will guide you the rest of the way.

To watch this awesome video, turn your volume up & click the play button:

CreditDoctor on

Fox Business featured the Credit Repair Doctor improving your credit for a job GlobalFinance AZcentral

There are 3 options for the Credit Repair Doctor®. All 3 options come with the EXACT same material.

explaining 3 credit options

how to improve credit score for 3how to improve my credit for $127Hard Copy fix your credit

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Beckys testimonial raise my credit score

Credit Repair Doctor Product

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Limited bonuses for test period

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How to improve my credit for $49Only $127 to lift your credit ratinghard to boost your credit ranking

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re unsure if this is for you or not, consider this:

5 DIY credit repair steps


You know how stressful and frustrating damaged credit is.

From watching the video, you’ve seen how simple our 5 step process is and you know how to improve credit score now.


Check out what the BBB has to say about doing this yourself and not using a credit repair service:



So you have one of two options:

bad credit causes stressYou can do nothing and continue to be weighed down by your credit.

Have your credit file follow you around angry everywhere you go, letting companies continue to gouge you on interest rates, and be at the mercy of your credit file with very little control



You can take action like thousands of others have and use our time proven DIY credit repair course to improve your credit.

Take the bat to regain control of your credit file and let us show you how to fix your credit score.
We’re taking all the risk with our 60 day money back guarantee, you just have to take action.


Your life will be easier by removing the road blocks and removing the financial stress.

Because missing out on this opportunity and doing nothing will cost you a fortune.
When you improve your credit, you get less rejection, lower interest rates and less money taken from your wallet.

You can enjoy life more, feel good about your credit and be proud that you took control!

Take Back Control Now!