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You Are NOT Your Credit Score

This site talks a lot about how important credit scores are in this economy and how to boost credit scores to get the lifestyle you deserve. That being said, the one thing I want to emphasize is… You ARE NOT your credit score! Sometimes it can feel like your credit score is an extension of yourself… […]

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Bad Advice On A Credit Repair Blog

These days you can find credit repair tips on many credit repair blogs. Most credit repair advice contradicts each other from one credit repair blog to the next My loyal readers know that all of the content on my site is accurate and helpful. As you start to look around at some of the other […]

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The Worst Thing You Can Do When a Debt Collector Calls

If a collector calls and asks for money, many people think paying off old debt is good right? This one mistake can: Cost you thousands of dollars, get you SUED! and double or triple the amount of collector calls you get. If you’re thinking about making a payment to your old debts as a way to […]

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Credit Repair Tips

My Free Credit Repair Tips Blog I created this blog to dish out the simple and advanced credit repair tips to all hard working Americans out there. These Credit Repair Tips on this website can be used to get the credit everyone deserves and show people the legal rights they have that few are told […]

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