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Happy Holidays! Some Holiday Wishes and Tips

The post is to wish you and your family happy holidays.  My family and I hope you have a peaceful and happy holiday.   Being the Holidays I wanted to give away some shopping and tips on what to look out for during the holiday season.   There are so many options these days for […]

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4 Tips To Help Your Credit

There are so many credit repair tips to give these days, especially with this economy. This article will focus on the 4 top credit repair tips for 2011 that will have the biggest impact in raising your credit scores. #1) Check your credit reports and credit scores (THE REAL ONES) This may seem obvious, but […]

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Credit Report Companies are Full of Crap

  That’s right, I said it:  The credit report companies are full of crap (So if I disappear, you know what happened… oh… and tell my mom I love her) If you’ve pulled up your credit lately and you can’t believe what your credit score is, you’re right there with lots of other people. It seems […]

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How To Raise Credit Score & Cure Credit Impotence

Do you have credit impotence and want to know how to raise credit score? Are you suffering from the bad credit blues?  Bad credit happens to almost everyone now and then and sometimes, even with a good credit score, you might find that you need to know how to raise credit score. Don’t feel bad. […]

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