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The Credit Score and How It’s Calculated

One of the first steps toward having outstanding credit is to understand credit scoring and the uses of it. Maybe you’ve spent a long time telling yourself that good credit didn’t matter; you would buy everything with cash.  But did you know that your credit score is used for everything from getting a job to […]

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Average Credit Score in America

Most people in the US have no idea what the average credit score in this country is.  It’s not their fault.  The problem is that the education system doesn’t teach our children about credit and that’s why I have this credit repair tips blog.  It’s so important to learn about what some guy who died 200 years […]

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Credit Report Companies are Full of Crap

  That’s right, I said it:  The credit report companies are full of crap (So if I disappear, you know what happened… oh… and tell my mom I love her) If you’ve pulled up your credit lately and you can’t believe what your credit score is, you’re right there with lots of other people. It seems […]

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