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Colossal Credit Glossary

This is the spot you come to when you need to learn one of those crazy credit jargon. This will include a credit card and credit repair glossary. Peruse through the glossary below to get the definitions to most credit words: Credit Glossary Account Condition – This indicates the current state of the account, but not the […]

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How Does Identity Theft Affect Credit Repair?

Have you ever been a victim of identity theft? Are you aware of any methods that can protect you from being a victim of identity theft? Identity theft can cause a huge harm to your credit report. You may see a reduction in your credit score for some purchase that you have not done on […]

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FCRA – Government DOES look out for us!

Just as the name suggests the FCRA aims to protect you from unfair, misleading or inaccurate information being included in your credit reports. FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) The FCRA is important to us Americans and that is why this law is crucial for you to understand and learn. The FCRA regulates how the “credit […]

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Credit Report Errors and the Scary Statistics

Credit Report Errors are dangerous.  They’ll makes you realize how important checking your credit and correcting a credit report error will be to your financial future. The credit report errors statistics below will probably frighten you.l Statistics show that 70% of credit reports contain serious errors that might cause consumers to be denied credit cards, […]

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