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The Credit Score and How It’s Calculated

One of the first steps toward having outstanding credit is to understand credit scoring and the uses of it. Maybe you’ve spent a long time telling yourself that good credit didn’t matter; you would buy everything with cash.  But did you know that your credit score is used for everything from getting a job to […]

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Bad Advice On A Credit Repair Blog

These days you can find credit repair tips on many credit repair blogs. Most credit repair advice contradicts each other from one credit repair blog to the next My loyal readers know that all of the content on my site is accurate and helpful. As you start to look around at some of the other […]

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Credit Report Companies are Full of Crap

  That’s right, I said it:  The credit report companies are full of crap (So if I disappear, you know what happened… oh… and tell my mom I love her) If you’ve pulled up your credit lately and you can’t believe what your credit score is, you’re right there with lots of other people. It seems […]

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Credit Tips for Everyone

Easy Credit Repair Tips that everyone can use. So, lots of times you hear about credit repair tips that will really help you get  going on your endeavors, but how good are these tips really?  Now, I don’t know about you, but when you get super excited about finding out some ways to make it […]

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