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About The Credit Repair Doctor

Hi my name is Jeremy Maher. Credit Repair Doctor and our solutions were formulated from my team and I’s 10,700+ hours of first-hand experience & research in stopping collector calls, eliminating debt and improving credit scores.

Our headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona and our team has years of experience in many financial industries including credit repair, retail mortgage lending, automotive finance, commercial lending, collection industry, debt negotiation/consolidation and wholesale lending.

Our mission is to help Americans stop collector calls, eliminate their debt and repair their credit within the comfort of their own home without having to pay thousands of dollars to an attorney or 3rd party company.

This also means you won’t have to give up your private information such as your social security number, credit card numbers and other financial information. Feel free to contact Jeremy and the team by clicking here

About CreditRepairDoc

Enough About Jeremy & The Team, Here’s How We Can Help You

When we talk to our clients, they tell us they want to increase their credit for 2 main reasons. One is the financial benefits of good credit and the other is the emotional benefits.

Our Clients Want the Financial Benefits of Good Credit:

  • To get qualified for things they need such as a car loan, student loan, home loan…
  • Save money each month on items such as car insurance premiums, mortgage interest, cell phone contracts, life insurance, home alarm systems…
  • Obtaining employment (Many employers are using background checks & credit reports before hiring)
  • Having good credit available for financial emergencies
  • Funding their business
  • Holding onto a government job position
  • Getting interest free loans that they pay back with zero fees

Our Clients Also Want The Emotional Benefits of Good Credit:

  • They want to feel great about themselves
  • Knowing they have clean credit and can use it responsibly
  • Being able to take care of their family financially
  • Feeling confident about their credit score when they need to talk to a car salesperson, mortgage banker or other financial professional who checks their credit.
  • Getting the dream home, nice car and a happy lifestyle
  • Reduce their stress from damaged credit, bills and living paycheck to paycheck


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Jeremy Maher & his team listen closely to our clients & strive to answer their deepest problems.

The Credit Repair Doctor® is the culmination of that and it allows Americans to repair their credit without paying an attorney or credit repair company thousands of dollars.


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