Improve Your Credit Score with the Credit Repair Doctor. Fix My Credit with DIY course

Improving your credit doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing…

No matter how bad your credit is, there's ways to improve it.

Increase your credit score to get the car, home & items you want while also eliminating your financial stress

There's a great video below on how to improve your credit score

Before you get there, you'll want to know the story of the angry credit file...

When Your Credit Is Damaged, Your Credit File is Angry


An Angry Credit File Creates Serious Roadblocks in Your Life

financial and credit Roadblock

Your Credit File Follows You Around Everywhere:

It follows you when you go…

Buy a Car

bad credit buying car

Rent a place

renting a place with damaged credit

Apply for a job or loan

bad credit applying for loan or job

Remove Your Roadblocks With 2 Strategies:

Strategy #1: Remove the bad items that are bringing down your credit file

You get our strategic bat to BEAT the bad items out of your credit report. This Bat is a law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  

Better known as the FCRA, this law gives you several ways to PERMANENTLY DELETE or CHANGE items in your credit file.

fix my credit by removing bad items

Strategy #2:  Add positive items to improve your credit score & lift it up

You’ll get my secret techniques that build "balloons" to your credit file to lift up your credit

improve credit by adding positive items

Just one of my techniques could increase your credit score 30, 60, or even 100 points

increase credit score blocks

Improving Your Credit Will Also Reduce Your Financial Stress

When you have an angry credit file, it’s like you’re carrying those weights on your back every day of your life. I'll show you how to remove those weights.

angry credit file bad credit
weighed down by damaged credit

You Can Also Avoid Losing Thousands of Dollars

Here's an example of how much money you could save just from a lower interest rate

credit file gets better
save money with improved credit

And that savings is just from one car loan…

What other credit card balances or loans do you have that you could save money on?


Now that you have the back story, see what Cathy will reveal:


creditrepairdoctor DIY course
creditrepairdoctor DIY course2

There are 2 payment options for the Credit Repair Doctor.  

3 payments of $79 or you can save $40 with a 1 time payment of $197.

credit repair doctor product 3pay79
credit repair doctor 197


I know my team and I have the best program out there.

I am  so confident that this will be the most simple yet comprehensive course you read on credit repair that I give you this:

60 day NO RISK policy. If you find a more comprehensive course than the Credit Repair Doctor (Don't worry you won't) my team and I will refund your money 100%!

My business is mostly from referrals of my current readers and members, so hear is what I ask: I am happy to give my Iron-Clad Guarantee and in return I ask that you share this hidden knowledge with those you care about.

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There is nothing more rewarding than being the go-to person that helped them out and opened their eyes through this solution. That's a feeling of pride and knowledge you can't beat.

I want you to be HAPPY and create a BETTER LIFESTYLE for yourself by learning the strategies in The Credit Repair Doctor.

Becky BlantonJournalist & TED Global Speaker

It has been the only product I have seen, used and reviewed that I can recommend.

Not only do you get ten times the amount of information you'd expect, it's all easy to understand and follow.


Your Chance To Get 3 Bonus Items For Free:

Right now my team and I are doing a test.

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credit repair doctor bonus items

These 3 bonus items are only available if you’re one of the first 245 people who get access during this test period and you’ll agree to give my team and I your feedback. Once you have this you won’t be wondering “How do I fix my credit?!”

Pick one of the 2 payment options for the Credit Repair Doctor: 

3 payments of $79 or you can save $40 with a 1 time payment of $197.

credit repair doctor course 79pay
credit repair doctor course 197
fix credit money back guarantee

If you’re unsure if this is for you or not, consider this:

You know how stressful and frustrating damaged credit is.

From watching this video, you’ve seen how simple our 5 step process is and you know how to improve credit score now.

You know there is a solution for every type of damaged credit situation.


Check out what the BBB has to say about doing this yourself and not using a credit repair service:

BBB on DIY Credi -Repair

So you have one of two options:

angry damaged credit file

You can do nothing and continue to be weighed down by your credit.

Have your credit file follow you around angry everywhere you go, letting companies continue to gouge you on interest rates, and be at the mercy of your credit file with very little control


You can take action like thousands of others have and use my time proven DIY credit repair course to improve your credit.

Take the bat to regain control of your credit file and let me show you how to fix your credit score.

I'm taking all the risk with my 60 day money back guarantee, you just have to take action.

credit course Guarantee-Badge

Your life will be easier by removing the road blocks and removing the financial stress.

Because missing out on this opportunity and doing nothing will cost you a fortune.

When you improve your credit, you get less rejection, lower interest rates and less money taken from your wallet.

You can enjoy life more, feel good about your credit and be proud that you took control!

Take Back Control Now!