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Book Launched! Stop Harassing Debt Collector Calls!

1/3 of adult Americans have a debt that has been turned over to a collection agency. This economy is making it difficult for so many. Getting the debt turned over to a collection agency means the collectors will start harassing you with the constant calls and letters in your mailbox. Stopping the debt collection calls […]

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Does credit repair work?

It does work very well… when done correctly. The practice of credit repair has been heavily embraced by most countries in the world, especially in North America where large chunks of the population are stuck with damaged credit and ripped off by the banks, sometimes for generations. Unfortunately, in today’s economy it is not uncommon […]

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When Debt is Okay – and Even Profitable

Many Americans believe debt is always bad and should be paid off as soon as possible. And normally, it’s good to minimize your debts. However, there are a couple debts that can give you a financial advantage… even profits. Ask most people about their student loans and their first thought is, “I can’t wait to […]

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Don’t Commit One Of These 3 Credit Sins

I met someone yesterday who told me how she “got even” with her credit card company. She called in to try and get them to waive the new “maintenance fee” they were going to start charging her next month. She pointed out that her account was in good standing and in the previous 15 years […]

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7 Tips for Building Your Kids Credit

It’s graduation season again. Grad parties, open houses, baskets full of cards with cash and checks in them, maybe even keys to a car. All good things for a young adult making the move from high school to college, but there’s something else parents can do to give their kids a headstart in their financial […]

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