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Credit Video Interview Debunks Credit Myths

Today I have a freebie for you. It’s a video interview I did with Bob Poole. We debunked credit myths, talked about how credit laws and new technology advances are working in your favor. We even poked fun at the 3 credit bureaus. (Hehe, who doesn’t like doing that once in a while?)   Here […]

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Credit Card Dispute – How To Argue a Credit Card Charge

It happens more often than people realize…  Either a merchant charges you more than they were supposed to or you become a victim of Identity Theft. The FBI named Identity Theft the FASTEST growing crime in America.  Because this has become such a terrible and devastating crime, I wanted to give some tips for how […]

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Credit Card Robo-Signing

It looks like the big banks are in hot water again… And this will destroy the little bit of integrity the big banks had… Apparently Chase Bank has stopped filing lawsuits to collect outstanding debts from consumers because they used credit card robo-signing What is Credit Card Robo-Signing? It is where an employee will sign hundreds and […]

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Happy Holidays! Some Holiday Wishes and Tips

The post is to wish you and your family happy holidays.  My family and I hope you have a peaceful and happy holiday.   Being the Holidays I wanted to give away some shopping and tips on what to look out for during the holiday season.   There are so many options these days for […]

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