Credit Acronyms -

Credit Acronyms

There are so many credit acronyms in the credit field and not understanding them can make some educational material look like gibberish…

From time to time I use a few of these crazy acronyms so I wanted to create this list and provide it on here so you can all benefit.

Let me know if you have questions or suggestions for more of these to add.  If you want definitions of these acronyms go to my Credit Glossary.

Here are your Crazy Credit Acronyms

Acronyms In The Credit Field

AGAttorney General
ARMAdjustable Rate Mortgage
ARAccount Review
AUAuthorized User
*B“Bumpage” (taking your inquiries off by pulling your credit daily)
BK13Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
BK7Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
BTBalance Transfer
C&DCease and Desist (stop collector contact)
CACollection Agency
CBCredit Bureau
CBRCredit Bureau Report
CCCredit Card
CCCSConsumer Credit Counseling Services
CLCredit Limit
CMCertified Mail
CMRRRCertified Mail Return Receipt Requested
CO“Charge off” or “Collections”
CRCredit Report
CRACredit Reporting Agency
CROCredit Repair Organization
CRRRCertified mail, Return Receipt Requested
CUCredit Union
CWCredit Watch
DCDebt Collector
DDADirect Deposit Account
DerogIt is a derogatory account that shows a negative listing
DFData Furnisher
DOFDDate of First Delinquency
DOLADate of Last Activity
DTIDebt to Income
DVDebt Validation
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
e-OSCARProgram “credit bureaus” use to communicate with furnishers
FACTAFair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act
FAKOFake credit score that is any other calculated score besides the one from FICO®
FCBAFair Credit Billing Act
FCRAFair Credit Reporting Act
FDCPAFair Debt Collection Practices Act
FHAFederal Housing Administration
FICO®Fair Isaac Company. Also generalizes the reference of credit scores
FOIFurnisher of Information
Freddie MacFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
FRCPFederal Rules of Civil Procedure
FTCFederal Trade Commission.
GCGreen Card from Certified Mail
GWLGoodwill letter
HELOCHome Equity Line of Credit
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996
HWAHard Working American(s)!!!
IIBIncluded In Bankruptcy
ITSIntent To Sue
LOCLine of credit
OCOriginal creditor
PFDPay for Deletion
PIFPaid In Full
PMIPrivate Mortgage Insurance
PPPermissible Purpose
PRProcedural Request–request how “credit bureau” supposedly “verified”
RERestrictive Endorsement (contractual check)
RRReturn Receipt
RRRReturn Receipt Requested
SASESelf-Addressed Stamped Envelope
SIFSettled In Full
SOLStatute of limitations
TILATruth in Lending Act
TLTrade line
UCCUniformed Commercial Code
UDFUniversal Data Form

How is that for a huge collection of Credit Acronyms?!?!

So as you can see it can be very confusing having all these credit acronyms. Do let all of these credit acronyms intimidate you!

Remember you can always come back here and study these credit acronyms!

Hope this helps get you on the path of financial freedom by raising your credit scores!


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