Free Annual Credit Report Step-By-Step Instructions Video -

Free Annual Credit Report Step-By-Step Instructions Video

Free Report Step-By-Step Instructions Video I have a nice video on how to get your annual credit report for free!

Don’t be fooled by those commercials with the guys playing guitar.  Most sites try to get you into a free trial and then charge you pretty high fees in some cases after your short trial period is over.

The free credit report website is and there is absolutely no cost to get all three credit reports from all 3 credit report companies. This is the government site that is safe and you do not need a credit card to get your report.


The government has mandated the credit bureaus to give all Americans 1 free credit report every 12 months.

I created this video to give you the step by step instructions for getting your free credit report and it only takes 7 minutes!  I hope you enjoy and benefit from these instructions:


Checking your credit report is important and you can get it for free – do it as soon as possible!

Don’t get fooled by those free report scam websites.

Here’s a link to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) about free credit report websites that try to fool people.

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Jeremy Maher dealt with harassing collector calls, debts piling up and damaged credit for years. He improved his situation and started helping others.   That leads us to today, where Jeremy has DIY solutions for stopping collection harassment, eliminating debt and improving your credit scores. His clients can improve their situation within the comfort of their own home.

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