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7 Tips for Building Your Kids Credit

It’s graduation season again. Grad parties, open houses, baskets full of cards with cash and checks in them, maybe even keys to a car. All good things for a young adult making the move from high school to college, but there’s something else parents can do to give their kids a headstart in their financial […]

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Credit Video Interview Debunks Credit Myths

Today I have a freebie for you. It’s a video interview I did with Bob Poole. We debunked credit myths, talked about how credit laws and new technology advances are working in your favor. We even poked fun at the 3 credit bureaus. (Hehe, who doesn’t like doing that once in a while?)   Here […]

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Silly “Credit Report Bureaus”, Tricks are for Kids!

When you’re working on credit repair, you might already know what kind of a challenge you’re in for – it’s not hard, exactly, but there can be a lot of waiting and going back and forth with the credit report bureaus regarding your credit report. The thing you really need to know when you’re embarking […]

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