How To Raise Credit Score & Cure Credit Impotence -

How To Raise Credit Score & Cure Credit Impotence

Do you have credit impotence and want to know how to raise credit score?

Are you suffering from the bad credit blues?  Bad credit happens to almost everyone now and then and sometimes, even with a good credit score, you might find that you need to know how to raise credit score.

Don’t feel bad.  Millions of Americans have this problem too, and I used to be one of them.

If you want to understand

how to raise credit score,

you need to know a little

more about how credit works:

how to raise credit score

Did you know that your credit score can change from month to month?  Depending on your activity and what gets put on your credit report, the numbers can change significantly.

Okay, I mentioned this before, but I’m going to tell you again:  The best way on how to raise credit score and cure the credit impotence is to make sure that you know about how your credit is scored.  You might not know it now, but you can bring up your credit score significantly in just a few months if you take the right steps to “balance” what’s on your credit report.

  • How much debt do you have? If you have million dollars of available credit and you have $300,000 worth of credit card debt and your house and car payments are being made on time, you’re in the clear.  But let’s face it – most of us don’t have a million dollars worth of available credit on our cards.
  • How you can make sure you’re doing okay: For the most score boosting you can get, take the time to do some simple calculations.  Multiply the total amount of available credit on your card by 30%.  Keep your balances at or below the number you see and you’ll do your credit score a favor.
  • What kind of credit do you have? The best credit scores have a number of different types of accounts.  In other words, a couple of credit cards, a car loan and a personal loan and a mortgage.
  • How to make it work for you: Make sure that you make all of your payments on time and keep credit card balances to a minimum.  If you have two car loans, get one closer to being paid off than the other for maximum credit boosting power. This is the most important factor when it comes to how to raise credit score.
  • What kind of inquiries are on your credit report? You might not realize it, but every time you apply for credit, that counts as a “hard” inquiry.  Too many of these can make your score drop significantly. Most don’t realize deleting inquiries can be a great way how to raise credit score.
  • How to make sure they don’t affect your score: Make sure that you know your credit is up to par before you ask a lender to pull your credit score.  This will help to minimize the number of inquiries on your credit report and boost your score.  Not looking for any credit right now?  Keep the inquiries off and just don’t apply for credit.
  • How is your credit history? Your credit history is essentially the amount of time that you have been carrying and managing credit.  The longer a good history, the higher this part of the points goes.
  • How to use this knowledge: Don’t close your credit card accounts – even when you don’t use them.  Instead, make one small purchase every couple of months and pay it off to keep the card active.  You’re building a history here, so don’t run the cards up, but do make sure to keep them active.

You might not know that you can begin to get good credit even when you have negative things on your credit report!  It’s possible and it’s true. How to raise credit score can be summed up in those main bulletpoints.

Most people don’t know how to raise credit score, but it’s easier than they realize!

So, even if you’re working to repair your credit and clean up your credit report, you can still manage to start building good credit by using a few of the techniques I just mentioned.  Even if you have unpaid debts on your credit report, even if you have a bankruptcy on your credit and even if you have a judgment on your credit – you can still be working on improving your overall credit score!!!

Here’s an example:  say you filed for bankruptcy a year ago, but managed to keep your car.  You of course had your car financed, but the terms were that if you made the payments on time, you would be able to keep your car and your lender would report positively on your credit report.

Now, you’ve made your payments on time and you’ve almost paid off your car.  That means that this whole time you’ve been building Good credit! Your car gets paid off, you get the improved score and can try to get a credit card and negotiate the interest rate.

People use this technique all the time and you can too!!!  Now you can teach others how to raise credit score!  Tell your friends and family about these tips and forward this website to them to learn more!

This can be especially helpful if you have an existing mortgage and no other loans.  Or, if you have let some debts go but have those one or two credit cards still remaining.  The key is to keep making your payments on time, lower the balances and go from there.

Just because you didn’t pay off all your debts doesn’t mean that you have to have BAD credit when you know how to work the credit scoring system to your advantage.

I hope this helps show you how to raise credit scores yourself


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Jeremy Maher dealt with harassing collector calls, debts piling up and damaged credit for years. He improved his situation and started helping others.   That leads us to today, where Jeremy has DIY solutions for stopping collection harassment, eliminating debt and improving your credit scores. His clients can improve their situation within the comfort of their own home.

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