Making The Case Against An Electronic Credit Report Dispute Letter -

Making The Case Against An Electronic Credit Report Dispute Letter

If you read my posts on credit repair tips, you’ve probably read that I don’t think an electronic credit report dispute letter is a good idea.

To me, the electronic credit report dispute letter process is a bunch of crap and I want to tell you why.

One of my goals is to help you make the most of your credit repair process and help to teach you a few tricks to turn your bad credit into good credit.

So, let’s talk a little bit about an electronic credit report dispute letter.  You might think it is easier; it’s all right there online.  All you have to do is pull the inaccurate information from your credit report and put it into the electronic credit report dispute letter form.  Type in a few lines of info, click your mouse and…  Off goes your electronic credit report dispute letter to the powers that be! Right?

Not right at all my friends.  That’s just what the credit bureaus want you to believe, but this just isn’t the case.


Before you think that you’re making so much progress on the credit repair process, you need to know that when you send off an electronic credit report dispute letter with your inaccuracies, you might be risking sending that dispute into cyberspace – never to be found again.

Now, don’t get me wrong, your work and attempts are commendable.  Your determination is something that you should be really proud of.  That’s why it’s important to do this the right way – so you can see your bad credit turn good.

Here are some reasons to avoid those “easy” online credit report dispute letter forms:

–          Every dispute is given a code, and then it’s shuffled off to its electronic destination to generate the appropriate response.

–          If you send an electronic credit report dispute letter, you don’t have the chance to explain in depth about the inaccuracies your credit report might contain.  A physical letter can help you to get your point across more easily and can get you the results you seek.

–          You don’t have any proof that you submitted an electronic credit report dispute form, except the page that follows your submission request.  When you send a letter and make sure that it’s sent certified you have proof that it was received by the intended credit bureau.

–         The credit bureaus do not have to follow the exact same laws when you file your dispute electronically as they do if you write them and mail it to them.


Since it’s so important to have proof that you sent your credit report dispute letter and the credit bureau received it, this is one of the key reasons to make sure not to submit an online credit report dispute letter.


Not only is it important to make sure that you have proof of the credit report dispute letter you sent, but it’s also essential that you have copies of all of the correspondence you’ve sent to the credit bureaus about your credit repair process.

It’s not fun to hear, but you might wind up sending these correspondences to the credit bureaus over and over again.  It’s so important that when the credit bureau doesn’t get back to you in the timely manner that they are supposed to, you can send them another letter with the proof of their receipt of your first letter so you can get a prompt reply and action in your situation.

The sad fact is that credit repair is not the easiest thing you will ever do, so you need all the backup you can get when it comes to the way you make your disputes.


Yes, it’s crap – and it’s a big pain in the you know what, but when you’ve got your paper trail to help you repair your bad credit.


Not only will you find that you get more results with a credit report dispute letter when it is hand written and mailed, but you’ll be able to see the progress as it happens.  Do you know how exciting it is to watch your credit get better day after day?  It’s totally FANTASTIC!!!


You’ll feel that you’re taking control of your life and your finances and you really can be in charge.  That’s what I want you to know and understand because this process isn’t an easy one.

The bottom line, though, is that when it comes to using these credit repair techniques and disputing inaccurate information, it’s essential  to make sure that you skip the online dispute forms and go straight to the hand written credit report dispute letter to get the results you seek.




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Jeremy Maher dealt with harassing collector calls, debts piling up and damaged credit for years. He improved his situation and started helping others.   That leads us to today, where Jeremy has DIY solutions for stopping collection harassment, eliminating debt and improving your credit scores. His clients can improve their situation within the comfort of their own home.